Which control panel do I log into?

There are 2 areas that customers can log into with respect to Hosting Direct.

The first is the Client Area. You access this by going to :http://www.blueskydata.co.nz
Here you will find login, Use your email address provided when you signed up with us and a password we have sent you.

The client area is for viewing and paying invoices, making new orders, and changing customer information. It is not where you view your web files, create or check emails, or anything else to do with the actual web hosting.

The other area is the BlueSkyData Siteworx control panel, which is accessible if you have a shared hosting account with us. You access this by going tohttps://www.yourdomainname.co.nz:2443. At this point you will enter a single user name and password that we have provided you in an email. The password is not the same as that for the Client Area.

The Siteworx control panel area is for doing most things with your hosted site including: DNS management, email and FTP account creation, log reading, and file management.