How do I upload my website?

Using any FTP client, connect to your domain name using the username and password detailed in the email you received with the subject line 'Your Web Hosting Account Is Now Ready'.

You'll then be able to upload your files to "domains/html".

If you have trouble connecting via FTP:

  • Note down the error message you're receiving
  • Try again later - it may be a temporary connection error

If your website doesn't show up:

  • Make sure that you are uploading into the correct directory
  • Ensure that you are overwriting or deleting index.html - this is the page which is shown at the root of your website; if this does not exist, index.php will be used instead.

If you need access to a database:

  • MySQL databases and users can be created and manged through 'MySQL Management' in BlueSkyData Siteworx.