How to Clear your Browser's Cache

If you are making changes to your site files and not seeing these changes when visiting, you may need to clear your browser cache as instructed below. A great alternative is to use a browsers "sandbox" mode which doesn't store any site information once the window is closed. The best browser for this currently is Google's Chrome Browser and the feature is called "Incognito Mode" .

Google Chrome (version 10 +)

  1. Select the Wrench icon (the settings menu, located in the upper-right corner) thenTools and Clear Browsing Data.
  2. Change the dropdown box Obliterate the following items from : to "The beginning of time"
  3. Select the Empty the cache check box
  4. Uncheck everything else to avoid deleting data unintentionally.
  5. Click Clear browsing data

Firefox (version 4 +)

  1. Click the Firefox menu in top left corner
  2. Hover on History > and click Clear recent history
  3. Make sure Details is expanded then select Cache from the list. Uncheck everything else.
  4. In the Time range to clear dropdown, select Everything
  5. Select Clear now
Internet Explorer ( version 7 + )
  1. Click Tools menu, top left
  2. Select Delete browsing history
  3. Under Temporary Internet Files heading, click Delete Files...
  4. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete all temporary files.

If you have a browser which isn't mentioned below then please refer to this external guide (provided by's-Cache