Which settings should I use when configuring my mail client?

POP3 or IMAP (Incoming) Host pop.yourdomain.co.nz
SMTP (Outgoing) Hostsmtp.yourdomain.co.nz
UsernameAs per 'Account Name' in Control Panel under
'POP3/Email Accounts'
IMAP Ports

Port 143 (No SSL) or Port 993 (With SSL)

POP3 PortsPort 110 (No SSL) or port 995 (With SSL)
SMTP PortPort 25 or 26 or port 587
SMTP EncryptionSTARTTLS (Optional)
SMTP AuthenticationMust be enabled
SMTP Authentication Username and PasswordSame as incoming username and password

Please note that it is currently not possible to configure custom SSL certificates for secure email connections.

Please ignore any certificate warnings you receive.

Your connection will still be encrypted to prevent eavesdropping if using SSL and STARTTLS.