Setting up Outlook 2007

You can always use BlueSkyData Web-Based email service to send and receive email messages by going to your website and adding /webmail at the end, for example this is setup by default for all of BlueSkyData hosting customers. However you also can view your email with an email client.

To access your email through Microsoft Outlook®, add an account with the settings outlined below. This tutorial shows you how to set up Microsoft Outlook 2007 with Hosting Direct email. You can set up previous and newer versions of Microsoft Outlook using the settings in this tutorial.

Before You Start:

By default if you are hosting your domain name and website hosting with BlueSkydata your web mail-server would have been automatically setup when you setup your hosting account. It is this is both your POP/IMAP server, use port 110. Your SMTP server is use port 25.

With BlueSkyData you have a choice of POP or IMAP email, with POP the only version of the email exists on your device however with IMAP the server saves all of your emails. Please note that with IMAP email storage is counted towards your web hosting space so if you run out of space your emails will stop working until you delete some emails or upgrade your plan.

POP3 or IMAP (Incoming) Host
SMTP (Outgoing)
UsernameAs per 'Account Name' in Control Panel under
'POP3/Email Accounts'
IMAP Ports

Port 143 (No SSL) or Port 993 (With SSL)

POP3 PortsPort 110 (No SSL) or port 995 (With SSL)
SMTP PortPort 26
SMTP EncryptionSTARTTLS (Optional)
SMTP AuthenticationMust be enabled
SMTP Authentication Username and PasswordSame as incoming username and password